Hi there, welcome to my little space on the internet. This blog is a place to share my love of all things fashion and lifestyle with the world. After many, many months of brainstorming it was time to start A Londonella’s Story at the very beginning of the tale.

But What Is A Londonella?

She is a modern City girl who adores everything fashion and immerses herself into contemporary culture- film, music, art… shopping, you name it. Speaking of which, she dreams and curates (most of the time in her day-dreams) the perfect high-fashion wardrobe but is just as happy, if not sometimes more happy, with her high-street haul. Her wardrobe is bursting with classic and en-trend pieces. She channels the vintage and the forward thinking. She takes on the City but dreams of seeing the world in all it’s beauty too. She is a normal girl who goes through the daily grind of life and at the end of it, likes to binge watch her favourite series on Netflix or read her favourite glossy magazine.

Who is Behind the Blog?

That’s me, Sophie- An early twenty- something Journalism and Media Communications student who definitely applies to all of the above. I have a “passion for fashion” in the most cliche way. As well as fashion, literature and film are my other big interests, I once saw a little film called Breakfast at Tiffany’s and became Audrey Hepburn’s self-confessed biggest fan.

In my free time I love exploring this great City, whether it’s seeing the latest fashion exhibition at the V&A, that hot new theatre show or concert/ festival. Ohhhh and checking the shops and restaurants out too, of course. In many ways, I want this blog to show just how important fashion and modern culture are in today’s world. And hey my travel bucket list is getting longer by the day, so I love to see the world beyond London too.


If you’re a Londonella, or just like all things fashion then I hope you enjoy reading this modern tale.