The Aspiring Writers Guide to LFW

I can’t quite believe another season of LFW is approaching. It only feels like yesterday that the fashion pack were huddled outside 180 Strand amidst the cold winds of February. With NYFW having just wrapped up, all eyes are turning to London once again.

I have been attending Fashion Week as a writer for WJ London, since September 2015. And although I am continuing to learn about this wonderfully unique showcase, the last two years have taught me an incredible amount about being a newbie writer at LFW. If you’re attending this season then I have a few tips, tricks and words of advice that I have picked up over the last few seasons.

You don’t have to be FRow to get the most out of the shows.

FRow is the ultimate dream for any aspiring fashion journalist, stylist, blogger etc but it can take years of hard-work to have your place among the designer clad celebrities. Even if you’re not invited to the best seats in the house, It’s important to remember that (starting out especially) you are still one of very few who get to be there seeing the new collections as they parade down the catwalk. For me getting the chance to attend LFW and write about shows is an incredible opportunity in itself.

For Goodness Sake, Be comfy!

Comfort and fashion are two words that aren’t supposed to mix but in the case of LFW ‘comfy’ is going to be your saviour. I’m not talking about wearing pyjamas (of course if you want to do that, cool. It is Fashion Week after all) I’m talking about choosing between those gorgeous but irritatingly painful high-heel boots and your reliable trainers. As a member of the press/ newbie to the fashion world, you will most definitely be on your feet for the majority of the time. You will also be walking from one venue to another and back. I make sure if I’m going to wear my not-so-practical shoes that I also take my trainers along for the running around in-between show moments.

And while we’re on the subject, your outfit….

We all know how unpredictable the weather in the UK is. What might seem like a good choice for a warm sunny afternoon will probably not be by the time the storm clouds come rolling in. That is where layers will really become your best friend. The show spaces can become unbearably hot because of the lights, but the streets of London aren’t always graced with warm weather. Think jackets and statement coats that can add a new dimension to your street-style and then a day-to-night outfit that really shows off your style. You can be as overdressed or as understated as you want to be, there are no rules when it comes to fashion week, just dress how you want and let your style do the talking.

Make the most out of Queuing!

We’re British, apparently we’re supposed to be good at it?! So it will come as no surprise that LFW comes along with a lot of queing to get into shows. Come rain or shine you will spend a large portion of your time waiting to get into the toasty warm show spaces. In actual fact the ques can be a great way to network with other writers, bloggers, stylists etc. You can share your crazy experiences of bumping into famous faces or managing to blag your way into a champagne fuelled after-party. It can also be a great way to make new contacts. Plus for people who are new to fashion week, you’ll be able to meet other people in the same boat, or even ask seasoned professionals all the tips and tricks to a successful fashion week.

You’ll need a survival kit and no that’s not an exaggeration.

What you take with you is important, it can really make the difference to your day if you have the right goods inside your bag. But what should you have on hand at LFW:

  • Portable phone charger/charger- if you can always take a plug-in charger so that if your battery is flagging half-way through the day you can find a coffee shop along the way to recharge (don’t forget to recharge too with a coffee or three). You can also take along a portable charger for when you’re on the go at your last 5%.
  • Water- It goes without saying, but as the day wears on, so do your energy levels.
  • Sweet treats- This one is optional but sometimes you just need a bit of sugar to keep you going. Or if that’s not your thing, choose a snack of your choice and keep it in your bag.
  • Camera- if you have one, a camera is great to take a long, as you can have a photographic memory of your day to look back on when you write/blog. Obviously phones work just as well but sometimes storage can become a bit of a pain and that’s where a camera can really come in use.
  • A notebook- in between shows you can write your notes and any observations from the day. This helps you get your thoughts down on paper, which in turn will help you to write later on.

But most of all- embrace the spirit of LFW

Whether you have tickets to a show or not, head down to the venues and check out the creative street-styles. Keep an eye out for any events happening around the Capital that you can get involved in. Maybe you and your friends will find a cocktail bar on Saturday in the heart of the west-end that truly embodies the Fashion Week vibe. Or maybe you’ll find a little bit of Fashion Week, shopping on Oxford Street and Carnaby Street. TopShop often play their shows out on big screens, so that anyone can stop-by and watch. London is always buzzing during LFW and that means everyone can be a part of it.


Here’s to another exciting London Fashion Week.


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